Cappadocia Pavers


Cappadocia Paver

This is one of our favorite and most versatile stones, as you can use it anywhere. Cappadocia travertine pavers are truly breathtaking, with their veins of reds, golds, blacks and ivory. This stone on anything will quite literally take your breath away. Cappadocia has the unique ability to give any project that luxurious look and feel. Stop on by today and see some examples of this wonderful material at work in our showroom!

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Travertine Fun Facts

Because its awesome!

  • Travertine is a type of limestone that forms in hot mineral springs around the world.
  • The name ‘travertine’ was derived from the name of the ancient Italian city Tibur.
  • Most Travertine is imported to the US from quarries in Italy, Iran, Mexico and Turkey.
  • Travertine is mined from quarries all over the world using many methods.
  • When you look at it, you’ll notice what makes Travertine unique.
  • The holes and troughs that you find in Travertine can be filled with grout.

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