Diana Royal Marble Paver

Diana Royal

Diana Royal Marble Paver

Diana Royal is a beautiful blend of light to mid tones. From a light, almost white, like in our Ivory to a mix of tans and medium browns like in our Cappuccino marble. Using that palette this stone has it all. It has the linear streaks like you would find in any of our “river” collections but it also has the splashes of color more like the pattern you would see in our Cappadocia line. Truly a unique stone.

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Why Choose Marble?

Well, because its awesome!

  • Marble has been used to make statues and provide flooring since ancient times.
  • The Taj Mahal in India is made entirely of marble.
  • Marble usually originates as limestone or dolomite.
  • Impurities are what gives marble its color.
  • Marble is typically found among other metamorphic rock such as gneiss.
  • Marble usually lays among the oldest part of the Earth's crust.


Diana Royal Tumbled, French Pattern (T), French Pattern (B) / (C)6x12Standard

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