Shell Stone Paver


Shell-Stone Paver

Have you ever been at the beach and thought to yourself, “I should be at my pool right now” or vice / versa? Well if this is a question that frequents your thought pattern, look no further you’ve found your stone. Shell Stone travertine perpetuates that “beachy feel” with its soft white palette. For a pool deck, this will give you that wonderful texture you’ve been looking for with naturally occurring shell fossils present in this stone. 

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Travertine Fun Facts?

Because its awesome!

  • Travertine is a type of limestone that forms in hot mineral springs around the world.
  • The name ‘travertine’ was derived from the name of the ancient Italian city Tibur.
  • Most Travertine is imported to the US from quarries in Italy, Mexico and Turkey.
  • Travertine is mined from quarries all over the world using many methods.
  • When you look at it, you’ll notice what makes Travertine unique!
  • The holes and troughs that you find in Travertine can be filled with grout.


Shellstone Tumbled & French Pattern Tumbled6x12,16x16,12x24,24x24,16x24Standard

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