Travertine “It’s A Lifestyle” – Travertine Design Tip Of The Day

  • Travertine “It’s A Lifestyle” – Travertine Design Tip Of The Day

    Travertine “It’s A Lifestyle” | Travertine Design Tip Of The Day


    Believe it or not, Travertine is much more than a stone cut from a quarry. It’s more than a casual selection you make on a whim. It’s a LIFESTYLE!


    Whether you’re a homeowner, renter or hardscape enthusiast you probably have had the experience of walking into a house and thinking… “Holy Jiminy Crickets, this is gorgeous” or “The attention to detail here is unreal” or even “When I win the lottery, I’m building a house just like this!”  We’ve all been in that situation, probably on more than one occasion. But the good news is, living in a house you’re proud to call home, is easier than you may think! With some tasteful touches of Travertine Stone, you can really turn that house into a HOME!

    Here are the Top 5 Ways to turn your boring house into something your friends and loved ones envy using Travertine.

    1. The Kitchen Experience

    Are you constantly walking into your kitchen, imagining things that you could do to add a pop of color, maybe a little texture? Do you have virtually no budget for any large Kitchen Remodel? Well for a relatively minimal price you can look into Travertine Mosaics. Travertine mosaics come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to fit really and design need. They are freaking awesome! Quite literally, for a few hundred dollars or less, and about an hour on YouTube. You could very well be on your way to giving your kitchen that new look you’ve been dying for. No crazy expensive new cabinets or slabs of granite counter tops, just simple stone with natural beauty that will draw any eye. There are a ton of places to get samples of product sent out for FREE. Just do a quick Google Search and I’m sure you’ll find some, but in case you’re lazy, here are a few of the best.

    Above all, have fun and enjoy your home improvement project big or small. And as always, stay tuned for more ways on turning that house into a HOME!




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